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InterGuard is an employee monitoring system that monitors a suite of potential employee behaviors, including email, keyboard activity, instant message activity, internet usage, and app usage. You can also use it to set up specific rules that prohibit certain websites or certain types of activities.

Top 20 Best Employee Monitoring Software 2019

Veriato is designed to give you more control and visibility over your employees. It features DVR-like recording, so you can play back employee behaviors and actions, and control exactly which types of data you collect from your team. AeroAdmin is designed for remote employee monitoring. You can use it to connect to employee devices remotely, and view their entire screen.

ActivTrak is free behavioral analytics software for your team.

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You can even use a built-in GPS feature to see where your employees are doing the work. With a little trial and error, and a commitment to ongoing improvement, you can eliminate the vast majority of wasted or inefficiently spent time in your organization. EmailAnalytics is the cornerstone email monitoring tool for any company that uses Gmail or G Suite. With it, you can monitor the email habits of your entire team, noting things like how many emails they send and receive, their average response time, and even how long their emails and email threads tend to be.

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Increase your team’s productivity by up to 22%

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Implementing an employee monitoring solution that tracks and controls how your employees use their time at work can prove to be very effective. Here are five ways in which an employee monitoring software can help your organization maintain high levels of efficiency and ensure greater productivity.

Get more control over what your employees use the Internet for. CurrentWare , an employee web filtering software provider, offers an Internet control system that allows you to restrict and track internet usage and enforce a web access policy across all workstations in your office.

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This allows you to cut down on unnecessary distractions and time-wasting activities that employees sometimes get hooked onto. It also helps you keep a tight control on and limit internet access and bandwidth, which helps to keep costs down while maintaining high-speed access for all work-related activities.

A Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Employee Monitoring

An employee monitoring software with a browser report tool can generate tabular and graphical reports of how a particular employee used the internet during a given timeframe. Daily, weekly and monthly reports can be used by managers to coach distracted employees and quarantine time-wasting activities. Employee internet monitoring software can also be used by managers during performance evaluation discussions to grade their employees and provide necessary feedback.

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  • Even though they may have gone through extensive training, your employees will sometimes make mistakes. The important thing to do is to identify and isolate those mistakes so that you can provide the necessary training. Do you provide a walkthrough? You can sign up for a demo or watch our walkthrough video on your own time.

    Can we turn off the screenshot capture? Yes, of course. Each organization can choose their settings for each team member. You have the option to turn it off completely, or to capture screenshots once, twice or three times per ten minutes. Read more about employee monitoring in our guide here. Does Hubstaff offer a manual time sheet option?

    Team Behavior Analytics Software

    Yes, you can allow your employees to enter their work time manually into the time sheets if you want. This is useful for adding time in the past or if time was spent out of the office. Timesheet approval option is also available in the Hubstaff staff monitoring app.

    Can employees work while the app runs on their computers? Hubstaff is a non-disruptive productivity tool, running silently in the background for more focused work.

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    Tracked time, activity levels, and optional screenshots will be available in your Hubstaff account to view very shortly after, but not immediately.