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Flexible spot lets the user place the autofocus point freely in the frame. Manual focus is well implemented too, with an MF button on the back and the ability to magnify the preview by 5x or lOx via another dedicated button. Autofocus is faster than on the EOS M but still not great. It took between half and one second to capture a shot, which is roughly double what most CSCs manage. Shots taken in quick succession were 1. Continuous mode was better at 4. Enabling Servo AF for updating autofocus between shots slowed performance to l.

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While most CSC makers have shrunk their 3x zoom kit lenses. Canon uses a relatively bulky mm lens. Automatic exposures were well judged, with face detection successfully coping with strong backlights. Shutter and ISO speeds were sensibly managed to balance the risks of noise and motion blur in low light. The kit lens delivered too, with sharp focus across the frame and throughout the zoom range. The EOS M3 is an excellent video camera. Clips up to 30 minutes long are captured at p at 24, 25 or 30fps. Quality is generally excellent, although fine details lacked the precision shown by Panasonic and Sony CSCs.

A mm lens and an mm lens complete the meagre range. An adaptor is available for attaching Canon SLR lenses, but this makes the camera front-heavy. The EOS M3 uses the same battery as the D, but because it runs permanently in live view mode it lasts for only shots.

spy samsung galaxy rugby pro software for uconnect

The accompanying Android and iOS apps provide elegant image browsing, the ability to star-rate your pics and transfer of jPEGs, as well as a remote viewfinder mode with control over autofocus and xposure settings. Bear in mind that G-Sync only works with Nvidia graphics cards. AMD owners will need a monitor that supports FreeSync to get the same effect. The plain design, which is free from bright colours and distractions, is apparently preferable for professional gamers, although Acer has opted for glossy plastic rather than matt.

Viewing angles are reasonably wide, meanwhile - we started noticing a faint blue tint only as we moved the monitor to more oblique angles. The high resolution is a big help, producing pin-sharp images and crisp text. The screen elevation on offer ranges from around 5cm to 20cm. Connectivity is limited to a single DisplayPort, which is a result of using the Nvidia G-Sync module.

The monitor also has four USB3 ports: Our only real problem with this monitor is its lack of inputs. If you can look past this, though, this is an excellent gaming monitor. Technical jargon aside, you only have to switch on the monitor to see why it costs so much: Colours are vibrant and punchy, with stunning performance confirmed by the Contrast is high, too, at 1, Our eyes were begging for mercy within minutes, so you should definitely turn this down. IPS technology is one of the highest performing panel technologies currently available for displays.

This way, AOC makes sure users will greatly benefit from high accuracy in colour, contrast and wide viewing angles. Also comes with a feature that ensures a zero-flickering viewing experience. New inch size avaiiabie from July www. The W has practicality to match its portability. The throw ratio of 1. The only adjustment we felt compelled to make was a slight bump in contrast; even in a dark room we felt dark greys in dark movie scenes were just a little crushed. The menu system is a little cluttered and it can be hard to find the setting you want, but the backlit remote control is responsive and has plenty of shortcut buttons for ease of access for commonly used settings.

The low speaker built into the W is very good indeed, providing crisp and clear speech, music and sound effects. The BenQ W is a decent compact projector with great speakers and excellent active shutter 3D. If you need something versatile and have the budget, the BenQ W is still a good choice. Colours in bright photos are vibrant, while skin tones in movies are natural.

What we did notice was a fair amount of judder on objects moving across the screen. Into Darkness, and this continued through the rest of the movie. Also supplied is a pair of active shutter 3D glasses. Playing games in both 2D and 3D is great, and we measured input lag at between 27ms and 33ms, which is fine for non-competitive gaming.

That desirability is helped by a stunning design. The wide curve, rounded stand and tiny bezels create a style no other TV can match. This 65in model is the only entry in the ECV range, with a footprint that will challenge even the biggest of living rooms. It runs, for the most part, smoothly, with brightly coloured, easy to navigate menus making it a genuine pleasure to use. Such a massive shift in image quality brings with it a whole new level of image enhancement options that will keep you occupied for some time.

The 65ECV lets you adjust OLED brightness, overall brightness, sharpness, saturation, tint, gamma and colour temperature, with additional options for dynamic contrast, grass, skin colour and sky colour. If you enable ISF Expert mode, these options become settings that can be tweaked even more minutely. This option also enables individual colour tweaks for red, green blue, cyan, magenta and yellow, allowing you to adjust saturation, tint and luminance. We found the Standard picture mode a good starting point for creating a slightly more attractive image for broadcast TV, and we turned on Super resolution upscaling to bump up the sharpness of blurrier spots without creating distracting noise elsewhere.

The noise-reduction options are welcome for upscaled SD content from terrestrial broadcasts, making images look slightly sharper with only a little of the blotchiness these filters tend to create. While OLEDs themselves have quick response times, the amount of image processing leads to ms of input lag according to our Leo Bodnar tester. Switching to Game mode with all enhancements turned off saw lag drop to 78ms, but this is still high for an optimal gaming experience. The 40W speakers create an impressive sound.

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Music, explosions and speech are all equally well served, with reasonably deep bass and crisp mid-tones. The LG 65ECV is a technical marvel that requires a lot of fiddling to achieve picture perfection, but even without adjustment, watching any movie with dark scenes and shadows is an utter joy. Crystal Acoustics aims to avoid this problem with WiSound, a technology that uses drivers and tweeters firing in different directions to disperse sound around a room more widely.

Sound is then also able to reflect off walls and ceilings to further dissipate the sound.

Rather than use a front-dominant driver arrangement, the Cuby 7 predominantly fires upwards, with side drivers providing support. The Cuby 7 does a good job in removing the narrow soundstage prevalent in many speakers. There was no noticeable drop-off in sound quality or presence as we walked around the speaker, with our tracks more clearly following us as we paced around the room. However, the volume and sound-quality disparity we were used to on a horizontal plane was now evident on the vertical plane.

Sitting down and standing up presented a shifting sound.

In terms of audio quality, we found the Cuby 7 presented quite a warm sound. It has a respectable 35Hz to 27,Hz frequency range, but the bass began to dominate some of our electronic test tracks and distorted slightly at louder volumes. There was also a considerable amount of cabinet reverberation as we reached close to maximum volume, which proved a little distracting on certain tracks. The cube-shaped speaker has a slightly divisive design, bordering between stylish and something resembling a bread bin. The row of controls for volume and playback on the top of the speaker look and feel a little cheap.

WiSound does a good, albeit not perfect, job of filling a room more evenly with sound.

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As it stands, we would rather spend slightly less on a more traditional Bluetooth speaker such as the Audio Pro Addon T10, which sounds fantastic and has a less divisive design. Immerse yourself in the world of Games and achieve mega tasking with ease. Xtreme Ganwig PCs Amazing performance and stunning visuals with a boost.

Raise the bar and Rule Your Game.

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From You Spec It Each of the five speakers use aramid fibre speaker grilles that are designed to minimise distortion. The fact that they come in a shade of gold that contrasts nicely with the glossy black cabinets is an added bonus. None of the components is particularly large, and the Blu-ray player in particular is compact.

The largest part of the system is the subwoofer, which at xxmm will prove trickiest to place. Thankfully it comes with a decent length of speaker wire, so you could feasibly hide it behind a sofa. Colour-coded wiring makes installation a breeze, as do the spring terminals on the back of the main unit. The initial setup wizard is straightforward and quickly walks you through the connection process. You can use Bluetooth to wirelessly send audio directly to the system, or add it to an LG Music Flow multiroom audio setup if you have compatible speakers.

We were also pleased to see Blu-ray discs start up in under 15 seconds.

Spy samsung galaxy rugby pro software for uconnect

Sound quality is equally excellent, with plenty of detail and separation. There was a genuine sense of directionality to the sound while watching an action-packed movie such as Avatary with the feeling of arrows zipping past us. The delivery of the lower frequencies from the subwoofer is well controlled and adds some nice weight to more intense action scenes. A comprehensive equaliser lets you make more minor adjustments to the treble and bass of each speaker.