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I have run into one issue though.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT In-Depth Review

The watch records swim strokes as steps. I reported this as a bug to garmin. They verified that the watch records swim strokes as steps and told me that the watch was intended to function that way. When i responded that recording swim strokes as steps completely undermines the ability to track steps if you swim often i was told to report this as an idea for a future update.

My device failed during the first swim. I received it last Thursday, did a run yesterday and a swim this morning. During the first lengths of the swim the screen went black and became totally unresponsive. Anyone else experienced a similar issue? Hi, I just bought this watch and I can customize the watch for other workouts such as zumba,piloxing,jumba.

Besides that I also do indoor run treadmill. Where does it go wrong? I am a relatively new runner and I just ordered Forerunner I have a couple of questions, hopefully you can help me out here.

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After reading couple xt reviews, I am on the fence again between and xt. Currently I am focused on cadence, and GCT which really narrowed me down to these two watches due to advanced running dynamics. My original choice was , do you see Garmin enabling advanced running dynamics for that watch through firmware upgrade anytime soon? If not, between and xt, does the price jump justify the increased battery time and wrist HR monitor? I am currently focused on running, but will eventually get into biking and swimming.

In that case, would you recommend that I go for xt right now? Also, does and xt still need the foot pod to calculate cadence? I thought the watch has the ability to calculate it using arm movement in conjunction with the HRM band not sure how that helps in calculating cadence, but I know Garmin requires it for advanced running dynamic.

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Finally I see there is European version of and a US version Looks like there is not wall plug included in the unit, just USB, so do you happen to know what is the real difference between the two? The xt is a multi-sport watch. From what I see in your post you are getting the running welcome! But if you are considering add swim and bike to your training in the future, you should seriously consider a multi sport watch and the XT would be a nice choice.

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I got mine about a month ago and have been very satisfied with the performance. Hi, I need to know how do you set your watch for indoor run? Anyone know how well illuminated is this watch? This one, or the Fenix 3?? The backlight is pretty bad I would say. I have no idea about the Fenix 3 — never used it. But I come from the Microsoft Band 2. The screen of the Band is amazing and compared to that the XT is pretty bad. Outdoors, it is very very good. But indoors and poor lighting, it sucks. The backlight is like a spotlight from below and looks horrendous. It is perfectly legible in the backlight, but not the best.

Do anyone face a problem on using Garmin or Garmin XT with Heart Rate is up with pacing very fast, it cannot coming down low even low pacing, walking? Like the xt and edge 25? Im trying to use the edge as a display unit on the bike leg of a tri race since there is no quick release kit.

Yes, you can always pair sensors at the same time to multiple units.

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It is an excellent review, I will spend some more time on that. There is one thing I could not find, but must be a no-brainer: I can access them, but could not change the number of fields, etc. Do you know if Garmin Connect has a problem? Also, I had a xt and now a xt with a vector S in the bike. I have to calibrate it manually every time before a ride? Just got my watch from CT. Im running the newest version of firmware, 4. It shows a message saying that I have to update the watch software via Garmin Express.

But for the rest of the run I wont use it. So, I just need this for part of my run. What are the options? Turn it on and off on the go? Seems complicated at first. In fact, just wanna know the easiest way to save battery while on the bike. Garmin Express keep saying not enough space. Is there a limit in quantity to it?

This means I can use, like, 3 data fields from IQ using just one page? Just mute the Metronome page. First one to Ride on the trainer, with GPS off. Hi Ray, since doing an update on my xt current version is 4.

The watch definitely recorded the distance and time. The second one today was a mtr pool swim but from a workout created on Garmin Connect being mtr warm up, 10 x 50mtr free-style drills with 15 sec rest and mtr cool down. Today it worked fine — I deleted all history on the watch and then went for my swim.

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No problems at all and all recorded without issue. Unfortunately the problem re-occurred today. I had a very similar problem. Did my first triathlon this weekend and the watch crashed at the end…. After reaching the finish line, I have stopped the workout. The watch said looking for stored HR data I assume for the swim part and then crashed. I think that it is clearly a software bug. Everything worked well during the triathlon. But at some point, I think the HRM has slipped, disconnected and then reconnected.

I think this caused the crash. All software is up to date, running now version 4. I have experienced the same issue, I believe. I just purchased the garmin xt and took it in the pool for its first swim this morning and set it up for a 25 meter pool and recorded my swim. During the swim it was running and recording the swim and distance without any issues. I send a message to garmin help but wanted to know if anyone else has a suggestion or was able to resolve this issue. May worth a try since right now no data is saved anyway? Clearly a bug affecting a number of people which Garmin need to fix which hopefully will be quicker than their response time over at troubleshooting!

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  • Excellent review as always — thank you! I have the xt for a few days now and it worked great for my first 3 runs, but something odd happened today. I am quite familiar with required positions and my wrist worked well with 3 other HR bands. This seems like a software not hardware issue no? See graph and let me know if you think I have a defective unit? Should I send it back or do others have seen this occur??