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But the only way to be sure is to do a full backup to your computer, reset your phone to factory settings and then reinstall everything one by one, paying special attention to only reinstall apps you know and trust. Are you being tracked? How to spot a tracking app on your phone Tracking apps and spyware are a genuine risk, and an extremely unpleasant invasion of privacy for many. Editor 29 Jan - AM. Similar Articles. Mobile Security. These changes can also occur with time as the battery becomes old, but we are not looking for these changes, we are after a dramatic change in battery usage.

Some free facebook spy software will drain the battery very fast but modern programs will take less battery making them harder to spot.

Is Someone Spying on Your Phone?

Do you find your phone shutting down every day even though it is completely charged? This can be a bit tricky as it can be caused due to the bad connection, however, if this keeps happening regularly there is a good chance your phone has hidden spy software in it. The sounds might not be same as normal also, it can be beeping, clicking, static or even voices if the phone is infected. Some software offer calls listening and recording feature that can cause these noises because another call is ongoing as a conference call.

Part 2: How to Recover Lost Android Data

If your phone is infected, you might start receiving strange text messages containing symbols, characters or numbers. With remote control feature of these spy software the commands are sent in secret coded text messages, although these are hidden but in some situations, they can be visible if there are bugs.

If this keeps happening, there is a good chance your phone is infected. While looking at all these signs make sure you look for sudden changes not over time changes as they can happen anyway. Each of these signs might not be strong enough to detect the presence of hidden spy software but if you see several of these signs together, there is a good chance your phone has spy software.

All spy Softwares are not supplied through Apple, and iPhone must be jailbroken first in order to use the spy software. To find out if your iPhone is jailbroken or not just go to Installer app located on the home screen of your phone or if your other apps such as Icy or Cydia then this means your phone has been jailbroken. Try looking in all of your software apps, the app might be lurking around there.

If any of these apps are not from Apple then there is a good chance your phone is jailbroken. It can be quite hard to look deep into iPhone directories but you can also opt for an easier way to remove the jailbreak and also the spy software. All you have to do get the latest iOS update through iTunes, when you will do this the jailbreak will be removed and all softwares as well which are not from Apple.

However, make sure all your important data is backed up before going through this process. As mentioned before, there are plenty of spying applications available on the market. A few examples are:. So, how can you find whether this software is installed on your device, and how can you remove it? In that folder, you will find a list of file names. However, many spy apps do not use the actual name of the software tool, but instead use a fake name to hide it.

In addition, you can block unverified apps apps that are not officially verified by the Google Play Store by adjusting your security settings. This is a restriction that blocks the installation of applications outside of the Google Play Store. This might not work against the best spy apps, but software of poorer quality will most likely be blocked. In most cases, if a spy wants to monitor your iOS device, they have to jailbreak it.

This app is marketed towards parents who want to monitor their kids.

Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone

However, a suspicious partner or employer could also install mSpy on your iOS device if they have access to it. All they need is the password of your iCloud account.

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To create a strong password, visit my blog post. In addition, there have been reports of vulnerabilities that were discovered in iOS security. In the past, it was possible to enter an iOS device by connecting to the same network to gain access by using malicious software tools.

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Although these vulnerabilities have been fixed by now, there are always new threats at the end of the tunnel. However, there is quite a simple solution to counter any suspicion. Just update your device with the latest available updates via iTunes. This will remove a potential jailbreak and any third-party software.

A factory reset is a last-resort option for both Android and iOS cell phones.

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  4. Resetting your cell phone to its factory settings will delete all third-party apps - thus, any potential spy software will be removed as well. After resetting your cell phone to its factory settings, you can download and install an app called AppNotifier that will notify you whenever a new application is installed on your phone. Generally, many people that fall victim to spy software were not even aware of the fact that it was happening.

    Once you discover that someone has been spying on you, it might cause a shock of disbelief.