Mobile spy iphone 7 Plus or samsung galaxy note 8

Being able to use an external SD card on some Android phones is a huge advantage and is cost-effective whereas Apple charges way too much to upgrade the internal storage. Hi Trinity, I would check with whoever your carrier is to see any phone specials they currently have going on. Usually carriers have some good specials over the holidays! I have been using Iphones for the last 10 years or so and have always enjoyed using them.

My main complaint is the limited durability. Should I expect an android phone to do better in that regard? Hi Dub! I feel like many phones slow down over time — they just get bogged down and the battery loses a chunk of its original capacity which makes the phone need to be charged more often. Also, if you do go the Android route, I would definitely suggest a Galaxy phone over a Blackberry. Apps in ios are not as feature rich as compared to Android. This is something definitely a propaganda fanboy comment.

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Also most apps are laggy in ios when compared to android. This is not when Android was still not mature. All those app related complaints are not valid anymore. Now apps in android look far more beautiful than in ios. No quick charge.

Even though battery is small it takes near to 2 hrs to charge completely. You have to swipe one by one which is painful. This is no brainer for android users 7. No back button. Back button is very useful if you watch youtube videos in youtube app 8. Even almost at the same price point android phones are far lighter with extra features like expandable storage, extra sims, headphone jack, nfc , wifi direct, water proof, etc… 9.

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Apple ios upgrades are as worse as android upgrades. As explained earlier this is not the year , so people should stop complaining related to older android issues. All those have been sorted out.

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Now all decent companies like asus, oneplus, Samsung, Moto, xiaomi, google pixel, lenovo, etc… are providing guaranteed 3 year upgrade program. I also have one plus 3t released with marshmallow I am on latest stock android firmware i.

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Retina display is now retro, if you look carefully full hd videos look pixelated even on highend iphones. Most android phones in same of less price range offer a good screen resolution with dpi even closer to Not a good value for money. Most people use iphone only as a status symbol. We humans think that quality comes with a price but this is not true for apple.

When it comes to Apple there is a mass propaganda to promote its products because apple is really good in marketing.

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Thanks for the great comment! You make a lot of really good points. I agree that Android has matured very nicely and the latest version is fully-featured and stable. The back button on Android is one of my favorite things. Anyway, I really appreciate the insightful comment. Thanks again! Nice article. Very informative.

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Have had a s7 edge for 6 months and love it. Plus with android phones you can connect to pc via usb and transfer files over. With iOS that iCloud bullshit. Hi Akii! Wonderful post. Very informative and logical without any prejudice. Loved it.

Mobile spy iphone 6 vs galaxy note 8 - Spy mobile iphone

Btw I am currently using Note 3 and have been an Android user since years. Thinking of buying a new phone. Never used an i phone but considering on trying one. Although i am sceptical. What would you suggest would be better between iphone 6 and samsung C9? Hi Liz!

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I would probably suggest a Samsung Galaxy S7 instead rather than the C9. The Galaxy S7 is a lot better than the iPhone 6. However, the Galaxy S8 is currently out will be more pricey than the S7 , and the Galaxy S9 will be released probably early Androids has more choice into it and expandable storage and Android could take over Apple soon when Android has enough money because iPhones only sold over million but Android it been sold over 2 million androids. Thanks for the comment, Steve! I believe you just have a lot more customization options and can do more things with Android software compared to iOS.

I really loved this it helped me with my debate Android is better than Apple thanks ill give this website a shout out!

Mobile spy iphone 7 Plus vs galaxy note

Thanks was really helpful. Do you even know about technology? Can you be more specific about what android and iPhone you were using? Hi George! What are you wondering about the Google Pixel? They seem to love them! I do not hate Apple or think they have bad products, but I do think they are over priced and most the people commenting against android are spoiled 12 year olds who have their parents buy their phones, or they bought an apple phone because it was more popular INSTEAD of going out and searching all the phones and comparing how good they were, because if you do tha, I can garauntee that you will end up with an android as the best one.

Apple is very good, and that is why it is popular, but if you search harder and compare then you can find an even better android. You forgot rooting vs. I have to agree that iPhones are easier to use. I use iPhones on the past. Nevertheless, my last 3 phones use the Android operating system, Why did I change.

Being an Apple user in the past, left me with a bad perception of a good product in the hands of a company trying to make a killing on the end user. Thanks for all your good comments. First of all I would like to ask why you are comparing apples with bananas iPhones vs Andriod Andriod is software, apples iPhones are… well …hardware. So if you wish to compare iOS vs Andriod be my guest. Furthermore the comparison should be labeled apple vs everything else. As you refer to multiple devices that uses the android OS. Apple does more with its hardware overall as opposed to specialized areas like android devices, App Store?