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Cellphone companies made similar promises to protect user data six months ago after reports of lax oversight prompted Sen. Ron Wyden D. Those aggregators shared the information with dozens of other companies that provide services such as freight tracking, roadside assistance and bank fraud protection. That information is gathered through a separate process from the real-time pinpointing used when a customer would like to be found by a tow-truck company, for instance.

Phone location data is sold on black market, Motherboard investigation finds.

Mobile apps often get more precise location information through GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, though customers can toggle the sharing of some of that information on their smartphones. He said most Zumigo clients already seek consent through text messages. In an interview Friday, Sen. Write to Drew FitzGerald at andrew. All Rights Reserved. While location data from your phone can be used for legitimate purposes, like emergency roadside assistance and finding your lost device, it is often sold to data aggregators that use the information for purposes outside of your control.

T-Mobile noted that it didn't have a relationship with location aggregator MicroBilt -- which indirectly provided location data to Motherboard through a series of handoffs -- but did have a relationship with location aggregator Zumigo.

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According to Motherboard, Zumigo gave that location data to MicroBilt without notifying the tracked person. Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, said in a statement. Harris also called on the FCC needed to "immediately investigate these serious security concerns. The fcc needs to investigate.

T-Mobile, AT&T Pledge to Stop Location Sharing by End of March - WSJ

Legere tweeted that the practice would end this March. The delay is to make sure that customers who use the data for safety services aren't hurt by the changes, he explained.

What broken promise? We are in full swing of ending it - and it will be completely done in March, as planned and promised.

None of the companies clarified how customers were giving consent to their data to be sold to third parties, or how much the companies were selling that data for. First published Jan. Update, a. His criticism was echoed by FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel — the only Democrat on the current four-member Commission — who tweeted : "Your wireless phone location data is being sold by shady entities that you never gave permission to track you.

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I Gave a Bounty Hunter $300. Then He Located Our Phone

That's a personal and national security issue. No law stops the FCC from meeting with Congress to discuss this right now. It needs investigation. The FCC has been affected by the partial US government shutdown — now into its 24th day — and has stopped non-essential services. Although how it has defined "non-essential" is somewhat of a mystery. The consumer complaint center is down, though the FCC continues to run its 5G spectrum auctions. The Network Outage Reporting System is up, but the filing system and website won't be updated.

While Pai has largely been tweeting about the Kansas City Chiefs' efforts to get into the Superbowl, his colleague Jessica Rosenworcel has been on the conference circuit talking about her concerns with how the regulator is being run.

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She again raised the fact that the FCC's own figures on broadband provision are wildly inaccurate — a critical issue since this data is used to determine most of the US government's policies on internet provision. Another current bugbear is 5G mobile technology. The FCC has pushed a number of new rules focused on promoting and pushing the next-generation technology, often in the face of and despite wider skepticism and criticism.

Despite lawmakers parroting a lobbyist-fed line about the US being in a "race to 5G" the truth is that the technology is still nascent and seemingly all the proposals being pushed forward serve only to make it cheaper for mobile operators to roll out an update network, rather than make the process more effective or efficient, or achieve more universal coverage.

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Of course, when the Commission is able to resume normal operations, the investigation will continue. Sponsored: Serverless Computing London - Nov The Register - Independent news and views for the tech community.

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